Kilchis River Fishing Report

Kilchis River - Idaville, OR (Tillamook County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

The Kilchis is fishing fair to good for fall Chinook. We are at the peak of the run, so it’s really just a matter of hitting the right conditions. North Coast rivers are in good condition and should remain so throughout the week. All of the usual techniques, such as bobber fishing, divers and bait, and back bouncing should be effective.

Chum salmon are present in good numbers in the lower Kilchis and Miami rivers, and are open for catch-and-release-only angling through Nov. 15. Swinging flies or fishing marabou jigs are good techniques, and chartreuse and hot pink are the “go to” colors. Anglers will have better luck targeting the deeper holding water; the chum salmon seen in shallower glides and tailouts are most likely getting ready to spawn, and will be less likely to bite. Also, watch for redds (the nest salmon dig in the gravel) in these shallow areas and try to avoid wading on them, as this can damage eggs. Redds are identified by looking for a depression in the gravel with a pile or plume of gravel directly downstream of it.