ODFW Weekly Recreation Report Highlights


Cougar hunting now closed in Zone A
Zone A (coast/north Cascades) has reached its mortality quota for the year (180), so cougar hunting is now closed in Zone A through the end of 2018.

The closure includes the entire Oregon Coast and much of NW Region. See a map of Zone A. Cougar hunting in Zone A will reopen on Jan. 1, 2019.

Rain + cold = better duck hunting
Several of our biologists are reporting an uptick in duck hunting thanks to the recent cold, wet weather. This has put ducks on the move in areas throughout the state, including ODFW Wildlife Areas like Sauvie Island, Klamath, Summer Lake and Ladd Marsh.

Trout or steelhead? There’s a river for that
Even as winter approaches trout and steelhead anglers continue find good fishing. Some rivers to consider:

  • The Alsea is the place to be for winter steelhead this Thanksgiving.
  • Anglers report fair to good fishing for rainbow trout on the Fall and bull trout on the Metolius.
  • Steelhead are still being caught on the lower Rogue thanks to an exceptional run of half-pounders and adults running upriver this fall.
  • The Ana River was stocked in late October. This spring-fed river, with its constant water temperature, is a great late fall and winter destination.
  • Flows in the Klamath River have been just about right for trout fishing.
  • The Crooked River is a favorite destination for whitefish (they are excellent when smoked) and redband trout.
  • River flows have increased on the John Day and steelhead are beginning to enter the lower river.
  • Steelhead are spread throughout the lower 100 miles of the lower Deschutes with anglers reporting fair fishing in the Warm Springs, Trout Creek and Maupin areas.

Coming soon – New ELS launches Dec. 1
ODFW will launch a new modernized electronic licensing system (ELS) on Dec. 1 for the sale of 2019 licenses and tags. Customers will be able to:

  • Buy license/tags online at MyODFW.com
  • Carry documents and tag animal/fish with app on your smartphone (works offline)
  • OR buy online, print paper license/tags at home
  • OR buy paper or electronic tags from a license sales agent

ODFW recommends you hang onto your hunting/fishing license until you verify your new account. To find out more, visit https://myodfw.com/articles/odfws-new-electronic-licensing-system-els

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