ODFW seeks comment on fish passage exemption in Hood River County


ODFW is seeking public comment on a request to exempt from fish passage requirements a proposal to increase the water storage capacity of Kingsley Reservoir. Comments are due by Feb. 28, 2018.

This existing reservoir is owned and managed by Farmers Irrigation District (FID) and is located at the uppermost end of Ditch Creek, a direct tributary to the West Fork Hood River in Hood River County.

FID proposes to increase the water storage capacity of Kingsley Reservoir by raising the height of the existing dam. This action has triggered Oregon’s fish passage laws.

The fish passage exemption application and the Department’s net benefit analysis are available at dfw.state.or.us/fish/passage/

According to Greg Apke, ODFW Fish Passage Program coordinator, ODFW may grant fish passage exemptions if there are no benefits to native migratory fish from providing passage. Because no stream channel or habitat exists above the existing reservoir and the site specific habitat conditions within the reservoir, ODFW has made an initial determination that even if fish passage was provided, the action would still result in no net benefit to native migratory fish. If in the future, conditions change from which the decision was made, exemptions can be revoked and fish passage shall be addressed.

Therefore, unless public comment is provided that would affect the Department's determination, the exemption request will be approved. 

Members of the public can send written comments (deadline Feb. 28) or request additional information by contacting Greg Apke, ODFW Fish Passage Program leader, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, Salem, OR 97302Greg.D.Apke@state.or.us, or by calling 503 947-6228.