Deschutes River Fish Report 11-02-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Trout fishing slowed due to colder water and air temps. Fewer bugs are hatching this time of year, especially with the 10 day forecast calling for sunny skies. Larger October Caddis Pupa's with a red midge trailer or a BH Lighting bug might be your best bet. Swinging Black or Brown Woolly Buggers is another "secret" this time of year (Sorry Mike!!). April and November seems to be the only time, one has great success "swinging" for trout on the Deschutes. Should overcast occur, BWO's in size 18-20 and Peacock Hot Butt Caddis is your dry fly options.

The trout fishing between Pelton Dam and The Northern Boundary of the Warm Springs Reservation is now closed. In other words, you can no longer target trout from Warm Springs to river mile 69 (Near Dixon Flat) Please note that you can only  fish for Steelhead in this stretch of river, and using your 4 weight, 5x and a size 18 baetis will most likely get you a ticket and a date in court.

Fishing shut down a few weeks ago with a sudden increase in water flows (5500 CFS) but things are back to normal with flows bouncing between 4600 ~ 5000. Fishing will remain steady with flows under 5000. The White River was barely showing signs of milking today, and visibility remains good below the confluence. Reports tell us that fishing has been a bit slower this year as a whole. But don't run scared, November is a great, month if you are not afraid of wearing a stocking cap and working bigger flies.

With colder air and water temps, we recommend weighted leeches in Purple, Black, Blue and Burnt Orange... Say hello to Doctor Skagit and Mr. T-14! The floater and smaller traditional steelhead flies are still used, but clear intermediate and type 3sink tips further you options.  Don't forget about the type 6 tip, or custom make a dredger tip with T14.  It gets the most playing time this time of year.

Fish are spread out and can be found from Macks to Pelton Dam with the peak between Warm Springs and North Junction. Best chance for a B-Run will be in the lower 12 miles, from the Water Tower down to Heritage. If targeting the ladder, don't be afraid to fish slightly deeper and slower water.

If fishing Warm Springs to Trout Creek, bear in mind that you are not allow to anchor  up below Dry Creek on the reservation side, as permits will not be issued again until 2008. This area will be patrolled by Tribal Police over the next couple of months. 

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