Crowley Lake Fishing Report

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Casey Richter showing off one of his big cutthroats he got while still water nymphing near Green banks with guide Doug Dolan.
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters

by Tom Loe

The lake is experiencing early fall turnover with a significant algae bloom now occurring. It can be tough to keep those flies clean at times depending on wind direction for any given section of the lake. The North Arm near Green Banks, & McGee Bay by the inlet have been the most consistent. With the lake level dropping steadily to early season levels, we are seeing a solid midge hatch during the high pressure periods as the sub-surface mud line becomes fertile once again. The larger fish continue to hunt the perch fry and last of the damsel nymphs; but with the increased midge activity, one can fish chironomid patterns with consistent results again. The overall fishing is pretty good this August. We are having some slow periods largely due to south/east winds, & a stubborn algae bloom that is hanging around this summer. The submerged aquatic weeds are now protruding making the deeper weed lines easy to identify. I have witnessed some double digit browns chasing the small stocked rainbows in McGee recently. Tubers should be looking to troll some larger streamers, & perch fry/damsel nymphs along the weed lines. Chironomid hatches are picking up the last week as water levels continue to fall. Hang your flies above a clean mud bottom in close proximity to a hard weed line for consistent action. The fish are primarily hunting the larva close to the bottom. Broken back midges, crystal zebra, or tiger midges (big ones), and damsel nymphs are all good calls while fishing below an “sliding” Under-cator. If you see those midges popping, get out those gillies, broken back gillies, & crystal emergers. My go to rig near the weeds has been an Assassin; or Drifters Punk Perch #14/16 as the upper, with a dark crystal tiger midge (#14), or broken back copper tiger (#16) as the larva pattern. Keep the tigers 6-12 inches off the deck. I have also been using twin Assassins; or a Punk Perch with an Assassin dropper along the weeds. Keep them a foot or more above the bottom. The rookies are being planted in numbers, so treat them with care. You may get into lots of sub-catchable rainbows & browns in some areas like Hilton Bay, or Crooked Creek. ***Special angling regulations begin on 8/1/16 and will continue throughout the remainder of the season on Crowley. The entry gate to the marina opens at 7am instead of 6am now.

This fishery opens last Saturday in April & closes November 15th.

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