Crowley Lake Fish Report

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Russ Schumacher scored this beast of a brown while fishing with Tom Loe!

by Tom Loe

The lake has been on fire for a series of days, then slower to steady on the others. Conditions have been changing daily as the lake level continues to rise. Fish have focused their attention to the damselfly nymphs which have been making their way to hard surfaces around McGee Bay and the Hiltons. A few Daphnia still present and the algae has started to make a pretty good showing in the bay. Make sure and give your line a good hard strip every now and then to shed the drifting algae off your leader and flies. Fish will not take your flies when they are covered in green globules of goo. It’s a good idea to check your flies often to make sure they are not getting too “gummed up”. The current has been coming through swiftly at times so more weight may be needed during this time. You want to make sure your flies are presented straight up and down to the fish and not drifting too high off the depth you want them at. Copper Tiger midges, zebras, gillies and blood midges have all been good flies this past week. Hanging Assassins #16-18 close to the weed lines will also get you into fish. Best depths in McGee Bay have been from 17-21′.