Hosmer Lake Fishing Report

Hosmer Lake - Bend, OR (Deschutes County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of George Conlan

by Fly and Field Outfitters

The water in Hosmer was a little off color last week but it has been clearing up nicely. With that water clearing up it has opened up some great opportunities to sight fish for those quality fish that Hosmer is known for. The fish have been keying in on damsel fly nymphs, small zebra midges, and two-bit hookers. Fluorocarbon tippet will also give you an advantage over the fish in that clear water. We should start seeing some dry fly action up there soon which should be very exciting. The lake has been crowded with plenty of paddle traffic and an often full parking lot, be respectful of each other and use the ramp efficiently when putting in boats. Warmer weather should push some bigger bugs onto the lake, look for damsels and ants in the coming days!

Suggested Dries: Hackle Stacker Cali #14-16, Thorax Cali #14-16, Last Chance Cripple #14-16, D&D Cripple #14-16, Parachute Adams #16-20, Foam Black Ant #16, CDC Flying Ant #16, Paracricket #14-16

Suggested Nymphs: Dainty Damsel #12, Rapunzel Wilcox #12, Mini Damsel #14, Dark Assassin #16-18, Bird’s Nest Hare’s Ear #16-18, Soft Hackle Cali #14-16, Mighty May Cali #14-16, Red or Black Ice Cream Cone #16-18, Red or Black Zebra Midge #16-20

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