Lakes Are Low, But Fish Are Still Being Caught

Lava Lake - Sunriver, OR

Photo Credit: Courtesy of George Conlan

by Fly and Field Outfitters

Lakes are low, but fish are still being caught! For presentations under an indicator we like Ice Cream Cones in red and black also Balanced Leeches. For mayflies we like the traditional Pheasant tails, Two bit hookers, and Birds Nests. Dry flies, be sure to have Purple Hazes, Adams, Griffiths Gnats, Para Callibaetis, Para Crickets. Stop in the shop, or give us a call, and we would love to help you out!

Suggested Dries: Purple Haze #16-18, Adams #16-18, Griffiths Gnat #18-20, Para Callibaetis #14-16, Parachute Crickets #12-16 

Suggested Nymphs: Bh Pheasant Tails #16-18, Birds Nest Hares Ear #14-16, Two Bit Hooker #16, Black or Purple Zebra Midge #16-18, Juju Chironomid #14-16, Black Ice Cream Cone #14-18, Mighty May Callibaetis #14-16, Trigger Callibaetis #14-16, Balanced Leeches #14

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