Lower Deschutes Fishing Report

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Lower Deschutes is kind of summarized like the Metolius report above. Without a doubt, 100 miles of river can’t be lumped in to one report. 

Up in the Warm Springs to South Jct areas the morning and evening fishing are by far the best part of the day. In the afternoon you can search the eddies and under the shady trees for risers that are eating spent and dead stuff that accumulates like rusty spinners, crippled PMD’s, spent egg layer caddis and various other stuff. When I was on the river monday we saw quite a few fish doing this. 

Nymphing during the day is fair, but work hard and you’ll find more fish. 
We caught fish on Perdigons and Caddis Pupa.

The Evening hatch started for us about 7 when the shade started and at first the fish ate a Purple Haze nicely, but as it got darker they went off the haze and on to Caddis. I chose the Fin Fetcher Caddis with the Hot Pink Parachute Post so I could see it at dusk. 
Our guide staff reports almost exactly the same thing for the last few weeks.

I know a bunch of people that have been from Mack’s Canyon to the Mouth and have done very well for steelhead. The nymphing methods are producing more fish than swinging, but swinging is cool and the take is amazing and it’s always worth a shot at dawn and dusk and maybe even mid day if you know where to look. 

It is looking to be a special year for Steelhead again in 2020. With so much other shit going on in the world, isn’t it incredible that at least we get a good steelhead run?!!!
For those of you interested in an upcoming trip for Steelhead, Steve Erickson, Troy Leedy and Ben Kittell are my best steelheaders on the guide team here at FFP and also know the Maupin runs down to Mack’s and to the Mouth, and are the usual team for running Trout Creek to Harpham for the 3 day trip this fall. The way our bookings have been, if you are interested please get on the calendar soon so you don’t miss dates.

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