Olive and Black Balanced Leeches Have Been Really Good

Paulina Lake - La Pine, OR (Deschutes County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

Paulina is also fair. I had the greatest folks in the boat yesterday who caught a few nice fish but hoped it would have been better for them. It was so windy yesterday the fishing might have been off because of the weather. The Red 2 Bit Hooker accounted for most of the hook up’s we had. The fish we caught were all good rainbows with lots of fight and great jumps. 
Lately, Olive and Black Balanced Leeches have been really good. Just not yesterday. 

Beetles and attractors on top and not just in the shallow bank water. On a recent trip we rose some really large fish on a red tarantula in 50 feet quite aways off shore. Those big fish cruise out there, so look for them and what are often random but explosive takes.

Another fun thing to do at Paulina is fish big streamers on sinking lines near the drop off zones. 7 weight rods are good for this as you won’t be effective with a 5 weight turning over the big flies. It’s not a numbers game but it is a potential day maker on this lake.

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