Good For Trout & Steelhead

Lower Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Lower Deschutes is good for trout and steelhead. Remember the Warm Springs reservation side closes today so your daily or annual tribal permit no longer allows you to access the west side of the river from Dry Creek to Trout Creek.

The area from Warm Springs to Maupin is all open on the East Bank east of the Main Channel.
Good trout fishing on Stonefly Nymphs, October Caddis Pupa, small Caddis Pupa and various small nymphs including perdigons and soft hackle PT’s.

The Steelhead have been taking nymphs but also we know of many steelhead coming to a swung, traditional steelhead fly. That is the bom

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