Metolius River Report

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Metolius is about the same as last Saturdays report. I have heard about some very good Bull Trout catches this week. All on big streamers.

The Cinygmula (yellow mayfly #14-16) is on. That is a fun hatch to intercept and fish. The ubiquitous BWO hatch in the afternoon around 1 PM #18-20. Orange Caddis #8-10, and #12, Grey Caddis #14, Tan Caddis #16-18 and a smattering of Midges (#20-24) and Stoneflies just to confuse us more. Nah, we aren’t really confused, because 99% of the time the trout never eat these early stones on top, but the nymphs are well imitated with a small version of the Golden Stone you’ve probably fished there for years.

Since I had to live vicariously through friends this week I know a few of my good Metolius buddy’s crushed fish Euro Nymphing. A Pink Bead Walt’s Worm and an Olive Perdigon was the best combo.

Very much hoping to be back on the water Sunday. See you out there.
AND- don’t fish above Allingham Bridge until May 22. It’s a constant reminder to say this as day after day we see people fishing between Camp Sherman Store and the Allingham Bridge, and one customer ever told me how well he did in the Blue Hole. OMG peeps, we can do better understanding regulations and knowing how to read a map.

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