Lower Deschutes Fishing Report

Lower Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fly and Field

by Fly and Field Outfitters

The Lower Deschutes from the Trout Creek area down to the Northern Warm Springs boundary is closed until the 22nd. Until then, it’s well worth the extra drive to get into some awesome redsides. The hatches are mainly occurring at around 11 o’clock until 2, but there were still fish rising until dark. On warmer days expect march browns and pale morning duns, on the cooler days look for blue winged olives. A variety of caddis will also be hatching. Sometimes the fish will key into a dead drifted or swung pupa. Nymphing with a large or small stonefly pattern is the way to go. Combine this with a mayfly nymph or caddis pupa and your reel is bound to start singing soon. Beat the salmon fly crowds and head out there now. The canyon is green and flowers are blooming, enjoy some springtime fishing while it lasts. 


Recommended Dries: March brown #12-14, Hackle Stacker PMD #14-18, Parachute PMD #14-18, Hackle Stacker Baetis #16-20, Parachute Baetis #16-20.

Recommended Nymphs: Jimmy Legs #8 Black or Brown, Jigged Hares Ear #14-16, Jigged Pheasant Tail #14-16, Psycho Prince #14-16, Duracell Jig #14-18,  Copper John #14-18 Red.

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