Fall River Fishing Report

Fall River - La Pine, OR (Deschutes County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

Fall River is good, and it looks like ODFW has a 1000 trophy fish coming in for a May 3-7 timeframe to supplement the river.
Is it just me, but I don’t love those big fish. To me, the Fall should be full of 10 to 16 inch rainbows and browns that rise to all the good hatches, and that are not so giant and not standing out like a sore thumb so as to be able to hide in the grassy banks, the logs and cracks in the lava ledges. Sure, a few big fish are neat, but it is not the essence of the Fall River and I believe the ODFW is missing the mark on that. I looked on the ODFW stocking schedule for all of 2021 and see at no time do they plan to put anything but the trophy size fish in the river. Seems weird to me, and I have been fishing the Fall River since 1980 and for years it was my favorite river in Oregon.
Well, that’s my rant of the week I guess.
Otherwise the fishing is good. Lot’s of nymph action on heavy beaded patterns. Think Perdigons and Jigs, 2 Bit’s, Tungsten Micro Mayfly, Tungsten Eggs, Sculpzilla’s and Conehead Zonkers.
On top we are seeing some PMD’s, the ending stages of the March Brown’s for 2021, lot’s of BWO’s, some caddis and midges and getting a fish or two up on Ants and Foam Beetle type flies.
All areas of the river are equally good from the Headwaters, to the Camp Ground, the Hatchery, Tubes and Falls.

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