Now is the time for the Lower Deschutes

Lower Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Fly and Field Outfitters

Now is the time for the Lower Deschutes. The opening has been epic and fishing is only going to get better. Salmon flies and golden stones are both hatching in decent numbers. The hatches will keep heating up as we approach June. We’ve got our stonefly section loaded up with every pattern you’ll need. There are pale morning duns hatching right before noon. There is a huge diversity of caddis hatches occurring throughout the day, most are around size 14 - 18. Stonefly nymphs are likely going to be the most productive; although, sometimes fish key into caddis pupa or emerging mayfly nymphs at certain times of the day. Big bugs, small bugs and great nymphing, this is prime time for the Lower.

Recommended Dries: McPh Adult Stone #8-10, Rogue Stone #8-10, True Salmon Fly #6, Fluttering Stone #8-10, Clarks Stonefly #8-10, X-Stimulator #8-12, March brown #12-14, Hackle Stacker PMD #14-18, Parachute PMD #14-18, Hackle Stacker Baetis #16-20, Parachute Baetis #16-20, Black or Tan Elk Hair Caddis #14-18

Recommended Nymphs: Jimmy Legs #8 Black or Brown, Jigged Hares Ear #14-16, Jigged Pheasant Tail #14-16, Psycho Prince #14-16, Duracell Jig #14-18,  Copper John #14-18 

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