The Lower Deschutes is Good and Getting Better

Lower Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by The Fly Fishers Place

It is good and getting better. The warmth is taking us to the final stages for Salmonflies and Goldenstones, plus this week the Green Drakes have been making their important appearance of spring. PMD’s and Caddis are also increasing importance and they will last for the rest of trout season way into fall at this point. Pale Evening Duns will also get hot very soon for evening fishing. Think magic hour. If you’re a long time Deschutes angler you know that term.
These cold, rainy and windy events can fragment the stonefly hatch and make it last a little longer. It can also make for some slower fishing when the bugs hunker down in the bushes and trees and don’t fly. Yesterday, Steve said the wind blew so hard the bugs were getting blown out of the trees and creating pockets of feeding frenzies. So there is that element too. I don’t know why you love fishing, but I suspect it is for the reasons of surprises like that. If you are in the right place at the right time, it is so darn cool. 

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