All the same surface temps in the mid-70’s

Crane Prairie Reservoir - Sunriver, OR (Deschutes County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

Sadly, I went to Crane Prairie on Tuesday with my friend Phil. When we launched at Rock Creek at 8:30AM the water temps were already 72. By time we left at 1 they were almost 78.

I use a fish hawk water temperature thermometer and it reads water temps at 5 for increments. Meaning, if I was in 13 feet of water the reading I got was at the surface, down 5 and down 10. So, I don’t know exactly what the bottom temp was but the lowest recording I got from a 10 foot reading was 69. We took readings in Rock Creek Channel, Quinn Channel in a few places and Cultus Channel in a few places. All the same surface temps in the mid-70’s and mostly the same bottom temps in the high-60’s to low-70’s.

I would give Crane a serious rest now if you want to see healthy fish there later. Algae bloom is still fairly thick too.