The Crooked Has Been Good Over The Past Week

Crooked River - Prineville, OR

by Fly and Field Outfitters

The Crooked has been good over the past week. Water levels are holding at around 200 CFS. There have been good hatches of pale morning duns and caddis. Most of the surface action is in the morning and evening. Terrestrials can work well midday, especially with a nymph dropper. Caddis pupa have been working well. At times, you may see trout rising but there are no bugs on the surface. Typically, this implies that the trout are feeding on caddis pupa right before they emerge and become adults. Small mayfly nymphs, midges, and Ray Charles sowbugs have also been getting attention from the redsides. Hopefully, summer will come to a quick end once we’re in September so that we can conserve as much water in Prineville Reservoir as possible. 


Recommended Dries: Black, Tan or Olive Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, CDC Caddis #14 - 16, Purple Haze #18-20, Winkers Midge Black #18-24, Stillborn Midge #18-20, Chubby Chernobyl Black #14-16, Tilt wing PMD #16, Hackle Stacker PMD #14-16, Tilt Wing Dun Mahogany #14, CDC Thorax PMD #16-18

Recommended Nymphs: Perdigon Purple #14-18, Physco Prince #14-18, Two Bit Hooker #16-20 Red or Black, Trina’s BWO Angel-case Emerger #16-20, TailWater Tiny TB Olive #18-22, BWO Biot Emerger #18-20, Split Back PMD #18, Soft Hackle Olive #16-20, Zebra Midge #18-20, Olive BH Scud #16 - 14, Olive or Tan Sparkle Pupa #16-18, Nitro Caddis Pupa #16-18

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