East Lake is fishing really really good

East Lake - La Pine, OR (Deschutes County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

East Lake is fishing really really good. Launching a drift boat or pram is ok, but I launched the 18′ Hewes Craft for the last time there until next spring. The ramps are shallow and that means for bigger boats you have to drive past the concrete and down into the rocks to get the boat off the trailer. I am switching to my Koffler boat for ease of launch and plan to ride out this incredible callibaetis hatch as long as it goes. On most years it goes to mid September looking at my notes. I can tell you this week it showed no signs of being anything other than spectacular.
Besides Callibaetis we got plenty of fish on Beetles too.
So good to be back on my favorite lake! Also so good to see people like Eric (Marion County!) and Paul and others from the fly club and saying hi and enjoying the culture of this special place. It has a vibe because there are so many fly anglers and we have connections that are special that I just don’t see at Paulina where I rarely see other other fly anglers.
BTW, on Thursday AM I had ICE in my boat parked in camp overnight. Water temps are down at 62-63. Good to see and good for the trout.

Good East Lake Update 8/16/21
East Lake

I gotta tell you, East Lake is super darn good. Callibaetis spinners in the morning, callibaetis emergers and duns after...... Read More