Forecast models are consistently showing cooler than average temperatures over the next week

Crane Prairie Reservoir - Sunriver, OR (Deschutes County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fly and Field

by Fly and Field Outfitters

The fishing at Crane Prairie has been fair. Forecast models are consistently showing cooler than average temperatures for the region over the next week or two. We can expect this to help decrease the extent of algae in the reservoir and help cool down the waters. Word is that part of the reservoir has begun to turn over, which is good news for water temperatures. In the meantime, you can expect most of the fish to be in the channels. There have been decent callibaetis emergences, mainly size 16 - 18. Terrestrials are always worth a shot, especially if you’re looking for surface action and the callibaetis aren’t around. Under the surface, we’ve been finding success with dark assassins, chironomids, callibaetis nymphs, and balanced leeches. Midges are another good nymph pattern to try, especially on a cooler day. The fishing is likely going to get better and better until we start to see subfreezing temperatures up there, which may be sooner than typical. 


Recommended Dries: Parachute Callibaetis #16-18, Hackle Stacker Callibaetis #16-18, Chubby Chernobyl Patriot and Purple #12-14, Para- Cricket #16-12

Recommended Nymphs: Bruised Ballanced Leech #14, Two Bit Hooker #16-18, Zebra Midge #18-20, Super Sinker #16-18, bead wing midge #18-20, Red Pheasant Tail #14-18, Rainbow Warrior #18-20, Red Ice Cream Cone #12-16, Callabaetis Nymph #16-18, Balanced Damsel #14, Dainty Damsel #14, Scotts Damsel #14