The Lower Deschutes for trout is good

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Lower Deschutes for Trout is good. Keep in mind starting Monday 11/1 that there is no access to fishing on the Warm Springs Reservation (Until 4/22/22).
Warm Springs to Trout Creek access on the East Side of the Main River Channel is open until 12/31.
Maupin Area is year round and access on either West or East Banks is good.
October Caddis Pupa, Micro Mayflies, Stonefly Nymphs in both Golden and Black, 2 Bit’s, Perdigons and Jigs are all great now.
We are still hearing (and seeing) people who are ignoring the steelhead closures and without doubt are swinging for steelhead. It just isn’t cool. It’s just not. Go to the Rogue where there are abundant steelhead this year and fish for that run. That would be cool.

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