September on the Metolius a time when the bugs can be insane

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by Fly and Field Outfitters

September can be an awesome time to be on the Metolius river. The bug diversity can be insane in September! Fall Green Drakes, Caddis, Pmd's, Bwo's, Mahogany Duns, Yellow Sally, and you get the point. Make sure to have a good selection of these bugs especially if the trout key into one particular. The best time to be out there for dry fly action would be during the warmest part of the day and evening. Look in the eddies and riffles for fish actively feeding. Nymphing can be productive when nothing is going on. Using stonefly nymphs can be a great way to get down and for a top fly. Caddis Pupa's, Pheasamt Tails, Wd40, and Serendipity's should also produce.

Bull trout numbers are increasing due to the run of fish that are coming into the river from the lake. Down Below Bridge 99 can be good for targeting the lake fish. There are resident Bulls in the upper river too. This is the time to throw streamers. Using sink tips can be an advantage for getting down deeper and in front of more fish. The Bull trout will also take nymphs. Nymphing for trout can catch the Bulls too! Get on out there! Can't catch fish on the couch when watching football. Go Ducks and Beavers!September on the Metolius

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for Friday, September 20th, 2013

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