The flows on the Crooked River are down to 72 cfs

Crooked River - Prineville, OR

by Fly and Field Outfitters

Well the Crooked River had been running about 220 cfs all summer long. Currently the water levels on the Crooked are at 72 cfs. The good news is fishing and dry fly craziness has not stopped one bit. This last week I was identifying lots of Bwo's, midges, Blk Caddis, and some Pmd's. I would make sure to have all four of these patterns. Be extra cautious on what the fish are feeding on. There was definitely a time each day were multiple bugs were coming off at the same time and fish were eating certain patterns. The Crooked should continue to fish consistently through the next couple of months. Get on out there!

Out on the Crooked River this past Sunday on a beautiful fall day. Started out a little chilly in the morning, but by lunch time it had warmed up nicely. With the warm afternoon it turned out to be a great day fishing dries.