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Beautiful Morning in Depoe Bay

by TYLER TURNER / Tacklebuster Sportfishing
Captain Tyler Turner checked in today with an update from the Tacklebuster out of Dockside Charters in Depoe Bay, OR. Today we had a beautiful morning. Our 16 happy anglers finished the day with 64 Rockfish and 28
(More...) (Thursday, July 19, 2018)

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Rogue River!

by CHRIS CARSON / Caron's Guide Service
Oregon Fish & Wildlife is expecting a Record Return of Fall Chinook/Kings on the Rogue River this July, August, September and October. It has already started. Fishing the mouth of the Rogue River has been good and it is only
(More...) (Wednesday, July 18, 2018)


by TYLER TURNER / Tacklebuster Sportfishing
Captain Tyler Turner checked in this afternoon with an update from the Tacklebuster out of Dockside Charters in Depoe Bay, OR. Today we had 18 anglers catch 72 Rockfish and 18 Lingcod. Our standout fish today was this
(More...) (Wednesday, July 18, 2018)

Nice Trout Today

by CINDY BROADWATER / Lost Creek Lake & Marina
Cindy Broadwater checked in from Lost Creek Lake Marina (Trail, OR) with an update from the reservoir. Check out this beefy Rainbow caught by the bridge.
(More...) (Tuesday, July 17, 2018)

Rogue Bay Breaks Wide Open- Gold Beach

by LARRY ELLIS / MyOutdoorBuddy.com
Trying to keep a salmon off your hook in the Rogue bay last week was like telling water not to be wet. While it is true that I’ve seen better fall Chinook seasons in the Rogue bay, remember that it is
(More...) (Saturday, July 14, 2018)

Bottom Fishing Picks Up as Winds Die Down

by LARRY ELLIS / MyOutdoorBuddy.com
Everybody was wondering when the blustery northwest winds were going to abate.  As it turned out, the winds and seas started dying down on the Fourth Of July, and by July 5, anglers were limiting out on bottom grabbers about
(More...) (Saturday, July 7, 2018)

Salmon show up again

by ANDY MARTIN / Brookings Fishing
The Miss Brooke focused on salmon today, and ended with three nice kings plus some coho that were released. The Alumaweld headed to Mack Arch, where the lingcod bite was hot and there were quick limits of rockfish. 
(More...) (Thursday, July 5, 2018)

Salmon Are Booming in Oregon’s Rogue River. Dam Removal May Be Why.

by MATT WIESER / News Deeply / Water Deeply
AFTER CHASING SALMON along the southern Oregon coast for 48 years, commercial fisher Duncan MacLean has developed a strong sense of who’s who at the end of his hook. This year, he says, most of the Chinook salmon he’s catching are
(More...) (Wednesday, July 4, 2018)

Nor Cal - Here’s How the Largest Dam Removal Project in the U.S. Would Work

[NCFR] No one is popping the champagne corks just yet, but the process to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River just took a big step forward. On June 28, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation released the Definite Plan for
(More from NCFR) (Friday, July 20, 2018)

Washington - Good Day on Blue Eyes

by RICK SCHMIDT / Blue Eyes Sportfishing
[WAFR] Captain Rick Schmidt checked in from the Blue Eyes out of Deep Sea Charters in Westport. WA.  The Salmon fishing today was pretty good compared to what it has been. Lots of bites and lost fish, and several we had
(More from WAFR) (Tuesday, July 17, 2018)

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