Klamath River Fish Report 12-10-07

Klamath River - Upper - CA - Hornbrook, CA (Siskiyou County)

by Albert Kutzkeys
(530) 475-3138

Hello fishermen; The fishing on the upper Klamath River has been pretty good this last week. We had a pretty good day down in Happy Camp the other day. We caught a lot of half pounders and a few adult Steelhead. The best thing that day was bait. Side drifting or dragging it was working. The water was really cold so most the bites were slow but if you noticed them you hooked them. The only thing was biting that light they always did not stay on, but 4 or 5 big ones did. Most the bigger ones were around 20 inches and the biggest was 23 inches. It was raining all that day so the next day we had to go up higher to get clearer water. The Scott River was dumping in a lot of water and was muddy. The bite was not as good but we did get a few. The river is fishing really good again with it back down. The past few days I was on the Smith River. There are not to many Salmon left so we fished for the Steelhead. The river was up and had some color but we did catch one nice Steelhead about 8 pounds. The next few days the river was down and fishing great. We caught are limit every day. There are not a bunch in but there are plenty of bites to get a few in the boat. Most the fish have been around 7 to 9 pounds but we did get a few over 10 pounds. The rivers are down now but the fish are still there just a little spooky. So you have to keep off of them when fishing. It is looking like we are going to have another great Steelhead season on the Smith and Chertco Rivers. Hope to see you on the river.

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