Smith and Chetco Rivers 01-07-2008

Chetco River - Brookings, OR (Curry County)

by Randy Whitney
(530) 367-3656

Hello Steelheaders, The Smith River and Chetco River are on the drop, and if the storm tonight is not to warm and does not melt the snow above, we will have several great days of Steelhead Fishing. Fish were caught at Social Security Bar on the Chetco this moring buy Plunkers, and fish were caught at the water tower on the Smith. This is the first new sign of a fresh push of fish. Your Fishing tip,

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Smith River and Chetco River Update 01-04-2008
Smith River
Hello Steelheaders. The Smith River and Chetco are on the rise, and when they start to drop we will have a new push of fish in the rivers. Watch your tide tables and when you see a high tide combined with flat seas the push will be better than norm....... Read More

Chetco River Fish Report 01-02-07
Chetco River
Hello Fishermen, The Chetco River Has a good number of fish in it, at this time. We had a great day today. The hatchery fish are in first, as norm. , with some Hogs to boot. The Lower river can send you home with what you came for. My last 3 days on the Smith did produce some nice fish, also but remember, the Chetco has more color at this time. Does that matter , yes with boat after boat...... Read More