Chetco River Fish Report 01-24-2008

Chetco River - Brookings, OR (Curry County)

by Randy Whitney
(530) 367-3656

Hello Steelheaders, The Smith River water level is just over 8ft and that is low. It is also very clear. The good news is, its starting to rain and that should make the fishing much better. We did catch some Steelhead on the Chetco River the other day and we did see some fish caught. Dont wait to long after this rain storm to come up and fish, if you want to catch some of the next push of Steelhead. Its all about the weather when it comes to catching more than the norm.

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Chetco River
Hello Steelheaders, We had a few good fishings days on the Smith after this last rain storm. Most of the fish went through on the high water. We are having to work for ones and twos. Today the River is under 9 feet and very clear. We have been Catching 2 fish per rod on the Chetco River. Remember we had rough seas for almost a month and know that the ocean is calm ,the Steelhead will start stacking up...... Read More

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