Chetco River Fish Report 03-20-2008

Chetco River - Brookings, OR (Curry County)

by Albert Kutzkeys
(530) 475-3138

Hello fishermen; We finally got the rain we have been waiting for. The past week we got almost 3 inches and the rivers are up and fishing great. The Chetco is now down to 4000 cfs and the Smith is at 17 feet. Both have good color now but are getting clearer each day. The rain did bring more fish in and the downers are out there in good numbers also. My best day this week we had 8 fish on and landed 6 of them. We did get 2 nice fresh Steelhead and the rest were downers. Not bad for this time of year. I am getting most my fish on bait but there are a few plug biters. Most the fish have been about 8 pounds this a few over 10 pounds. This last raise in the rivers should keep the fishing good through the rest of the season. The Chetco will close the end of the month and the smith at the end of the next. Hope to see you on the river.

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