Garrison Lake Fishing Report

Garrison Lake - Port Orford, OR (Curry County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

With local rivers low and clear or high and muddy, anglers may want try fishing the lake for some trout. Usually the best time to fish is in the afternoon or evening after water and air temperatures warm some and fish become a little more active. Garrison has a pretty good number of carry over trout and some cutthroat running around this time of year. In addition, ODFW has started putting a few excess hatchery steelhead adults in the lake in January and February for anglers to catch. If anglers catch one these steelhead they are considered trout and do not need to be tagged.

ODFW implemented a tag reward trout study in 2017. Anglers were asked to report tagged trout that they caught. The study is coming to an end, but there are still some of the tagged fish in the lake. A few of these tags are reward tags. Anglers can report the tag number to the ODFW Gold Beach office (541) 247-7605. Tags can be cut off or pulled out of fish being released. The study is an effort by ODFW to see what size of trout contribute to the fishery the best. Garrison is always an excellent trout fishery, and this study will only help improve it.

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