The one that got away

Rogue River- Lower - Gold Beach, OR

Photo Credit: Pro guide Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide

by Mario Gomez

We continue to see some nice salmon this spring and the fishing should run steady through the month. The bite has been a little off but put in your time and  keep bouncing that sinker off the bottom it will happen.

Today we hooked and lost one of the largest springers I have personally ever seen. The guy sitting up front thought he was snagged and when I seen his line moving through the water I asked him is that a fish? He replied I think so. I seen him reeling like a mad man and not gaining any line so I told him to tighten up his drag a bit.

Now we can put a little pressure on this fish I told him and said go ahead and lift up and reel down keeping that rod tip bent over as you reel. After the second lift and reel down i hears the line peeling off the drag and about 10 feet from the boat a golden dinousor of a fish came screaming out of the water and crested about eye level with me and I'm 6'3".

Our boat and the 15 people standing on the bank erupted simultaneously with the staple OOOOHHHH. The fight was on now and after a long intense battle the fish ran us  into a log jam and boulder patch and got tangled up.

The one that got away, thats all I could think of as an eerie silence fell. After the initial shock of that just happened the fisherman tipped his beer back and said thats what will keep you coming back right there.

Mario Gomez is a Northern California and Southern Oregon professional fishing guide that chases salmon, trout, and steelhead on the most productive rivers in the Northwest. Pro guide Mario Gomez has spent his entire life fishing the Klamath River, but also follows the circuit and targets the California and Oregon coastal streams each year. If you are interested in fishing the Klamath River, Smith River, Chetco River, Umpqua River and Rogue River click on the website and book your trip today. To learn more about Mario visit Ironhead Guide Service, you can also find him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or call him anytime @ (530) 598-0530.

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