Large Rainbows Have Been Stocked

Lost Creek Lake - Trail, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Lost Creek will be the primary draw for trout anglers in the Rogue watershed now through early spring.  Large rainbows have been stocked to complement fish remaining as holdovers from earlier releases.  Water levels are lower than usual right now, so trailered boats can only launch at the Takelma boat ramp currently.  Surface temperature is 46 degrees.

Last weekend the action was sporadic but anglers were catching fish up to 16-inches long.  Recent reports indicate anglers have found success on red wedding rings fished with a worm behind a dodger or flashers have produced fish, as have PowerBait fished deep while trolling. 

Some of the trout have external parasites called copepods.  Fish parasites generally do not pose a threat to humans when fish are cooked, and copepods can be scraped off prior to cooking.  Anglers are encourage to keep fish that have copepods while staying within the daily limit, since release simply allows the parasite to expand to other hosts.

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