A Few Fish are Still Being Caught

Alsea River - Alsea, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Winter steelhead fishing has slowed down on the Alsea with the low and clear water conditions. Numbers entering the Alsea hatchery trap have slowed down as well. A few fish are still being caught everyday but it will improve with the next shot of rain. The extended forecasts look cold and dry which will continue to the low and clear conditions. These conditions slow migration and congregate the fish that are trying to move upriver in the lower portions of the Alsea River. There is an old saying “when the water is low fish low, when the water is high fish high.” Smaller presentations and lighter line will work best in the lower water conditions.
The numbers of later returning right maxillary clipped fish should increase with each rain event for the rest of February through March. The earlier returning left maxillary clipped fish are past peak and will continue to decrease for the rest of the season.
The Alsea still gets a good amount of the early returning stock that peaks in December and January, as well as a later stock that peaks in February and March. Expect more fish to show up with each rise in the river level from now through April. Bobber fishing with jigs/bait, drift fishing, and casting lures are all effective ways to catch these hard fighting fish.

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