Mid April Sprague River Update

Sprague River - Chiloquin, OR (Klamath County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff


The river opens to fishing on Monday, April 22. Expect very slow fishing due to very high, turbid flows.

ODFW and Oregon State University will be sampling the Sprague River extensively this spring, summer and fall. We will be reporting on the sampling periodically through the year.


Flows are very high. Fishing not recommended. Open all year but snow will limit access to most areas on public land. Fishing is slow for redband trout and brown trout. Sculpins are very abundant in the river therefore sculpin patterns can work well for large redband and brown trout. Fishing streamers or spinners is the best method right now as water temperatures have cooled. Check stream level. The river is also very clear in this section. Flows are high.

Best fishing is upstream of the 3411 road to Gearhart Creek. Access to this area can be difficult, as is wading through the high gradient areas. Larger brown trout and redband trout occur in this section. Flows are high.


Flows are very high. Fishing not recommended at this time. The South Fork Sprague River is open to fishing all year. Most public land is inaccessible due to snow. Fishing is very slow in most areas due to low fish densities. Flows are high.

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