Commission sets 2020 Sport Fishing Regulations

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ODFW

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

SALEM, Ore.— The Commission adopted 2020 Sport Fishing Regulations today at their meeting in Salem.

Commissioners rejected agency proposals to allow barbed hooks on the Columbia River in 2020 and to make the two-rod validation (which has been implemented annually under temporary rules) permanent for the Willamette River (incl. the Clackamas River). Note that anglers may continue to use barbed hooks on the Columbia River until Nov. 27, 2019 under the temporary rule still in effect.

All other fishing regulation changes were adopted as proposed, including the allowance of use of the two-rod validation in the Sandy River. The Commission also provided guidance to ODFW to ensure consideration of climate change impacts when setting sportfishing regulations.

The Commission also modified the preference point system rules. Beginning next year, Resident Disabled Veterans who are at least 65 years old and draw their first choice hunt will have their points reset to one (instead of zero) for the next year’s draw, a benefit similar to the one provided to Resident Pioneer License holders.

The Commission reappointed Yancy Lind from central Oregon as the Sport Fishing Representative and Ray Monroe of Pacific City as the Troll Representative to the Restoration and Enhancement Board and approved grants for six projects to improve fisheries or fish habitat, increase angler access or fund fish research.

Finally, the Commission passed a resolution in support of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (HR 3742). This federal legislation would dedicate approximately $1.3 billion annually to state fish and wildlife agencies and an additional $97.5 million for tribal fish and wildlife managers to implement science-based wildlife action plans, with funding coming from the general treasury.

Apportionment of these dollars to the states would be based on population and land mass. ODFW estimates $23 million per year could be provided to implement the Oregon Conservation Strategy and connect more Oregonians to the outdoors. This would represent an estimated 12 percent boost to ODFW’s current budget.

The Commission’s next meeting is Sept. 12-13 in Gold Beach.

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