Sunday Fishing Report

by Fish Reports Staff
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The morning bite turned out to be lights out fishing for the 1st 45-minutes and then as fast as it lit up it died for the rest of the morning after that.  The one boat out on the salmon grounds put fish in the boat to take home quickly and quite a few throwbacks then the bite just disappeared. There were a few bites towards then end of the trip but indeed a strange morning.

Bottom fishing

The radio word was that bottom fishing like the salmon was slow this morning.  There were quite a few fish caught but certainly slower then what we are used to on an average nice ocean morning.  Crabbing also dropped off some this morning.


Two boats out offshore today and we will report the happenings when we hear anything and certainly on there return this evening.

(4:50pm) The boats are on there way back in and between the two boats we are bringing in around 115 fish……another great day with Tradewinds.

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