Wednesday Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tradewinds Charters

by Tradewinds Charters Staff
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Bottom fishing & crabbing

Only one boat reporting in today thus far and that report was only 1-Lingcod short of a boat limit and 3-rockfish short of a boat limit so a good trip for this day.  Crabbing was also very good with 7-crabs per person.

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 Bottom Fishing & crabbing We did have four boats out today all bottom fishing as no other fishing was on the books this morning.  One boat did report in and said that the current was extremely heavy and in the shallow water spots that can mean really fast and furious action and that was the case this morning.  Most of the boats observed folks getting off the boats with totes hopefully with fish in them so it looked like it was...... Read More

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Tuna I believe we have three boats out on the Tuna grounds today and we will bring you updates and final totals as we receive them. (6:30pm Tuna update) ((These are  #’s before official final counts were made)). Anyway you look at it with these or very close to these #’s a very good day….. The Kadaho 76 (updated 9am 8/25) The Mr Max  40 Starship. 25 Salmon Not sure of any Salmon trips out this morning. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the final day of the summer Salmon adipose...... Read More