Weekly Report

by Five Star Charters Staff
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We fished from Tuesday through Monday on the ocean. Conditions just got better and better and by Saturday it was as flat as it gets. A steady bite of Lings and Blacks made for great trips. Saturday the Lings got fussy and Sunday I was short of a limit for them. Big Blacks and color helped that issue. Monday they bit again if you were in the right spot. Some of the best fishing of the year and some of the worst was the deal in the bay. Next report late September.

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Five Star Charters Weekly Report
We got back to it Monday. The water had cooled off and the Lings and the works were biting really good. Several Lings over 30lbs. with lots of color and big Blacks and full limits of crab. Tuesday was not as good. Lings were not biting so much. Wednesday a big swell rolled in but we got the trip in but barely with Lings biting again. Thursday on a marginal ocean we got our rock fish but not one Ling...... Read More

Five Star Charters Weekly Report

The flat ocean hung on through mid week and the water got warmer and warmer until the Ling Cod went...... Read More