Sprague River Fishing Report

Sprague River - Chiloquin, OR (Klamath County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ODFW

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff


Closed to fishing from Nov. 1 - April 21 to protect spawning redband trout.


Flows have dropped. Fishing is slow for small redband trout and brook trout near Sandhill Crossing. Fishing for brook trout is good above Sandhill Crossing to headwaters.

Flows are a little high through and below the canyon. Typically, best fishing is upstream of the 3411 road to Gearhart Creek. Access to this area can be difficult, as is wading through the high gradient areas. Larger brown trout and redband trout occur in this section. Fishing with dry flies in the pocket water can be excellent. A few golden stoneflies are around. This section is dominated by redband trout.

Sculpins are very abundant in the river therefore sculpin patterns can work well for large redband and brown trout. Fishing streamers or spinners is the best method right now in the canyon section and dry flies are working best near the Sandhill Crossing campground.   Check stream level. The river is also very clear in this section.


The South Fork Sprague River is open to fishing all year. Fishing is best above Blaisdell for redband trout under 12 inches.

Fishing has slowed for brook and brown trout at the beaver ponds near Corral Creek. The best beaver ponds are just below Corral Creek Campground right off the 34 road. Some brook trout and brown trout run up to 14 inches. Best method is dry fly-fishing or fishing bait in Corral Creek.

Check stream level.

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