Winter Steelhead Fishing Has Picked Up

Siletz River - Lincoln City, OR

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ODFW

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Winter steelhead fishing picked up on the Siletz River as the river dropped back into shape last week and into the weekend. This week’s forecasted rain storms will have the river blown out for the rest of this week and through the weekend. When the river drops back into shape, there should be some good fishing opportunities as we head into February.

There has been a good mix of hatchery and wild fish being caught. The best fishing will be on the upper portions of the river and into the gorge due to the high water.

Anglers are reminded to keep wild fish in the water and release immediately after landing to minimize negative impacts to these fish.

Both boat and bank anglers will have good opportunities when the river drops back into shape next week.. Winter steelhead typically start to show up in December and peak January through March.

The 4.0 mile bridge (aka Steel Bridge) in the Siletz gorge is open to motorized vehicles, but is only open to public vehicles on the weekend. Anglers can walk/bike in the road during the weekdays. If anglers do walk in they can park at the one mile gate and start from there.

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