Halibut Limit Friday-Saturday Fishing Report (6/13)-Sunday Forecast…

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tradewinds Charters

by Noelie Achen ( Vice President )
(541) 765-2345

Got a late report from the Friday adventure offshore that the Kadaho our Halibut boat limited out his passengers and crew and was home by 1pm in the afternoon…saw some of the carcasses in the totes and some looked like really nice sized fish. 

The boats did really good today on a really trying ocean as the marine forecast folks really missed the mark on this one this morning. It was suppose to rain this morning but not as much as the stuff falling out of the skies in the morning hours. It was also very windy especially around the rain squalls with gusts over 20-knots and at times 6-foot of wind waves. Made at times for a interesting morning. But as they do in rougher waters the fish bit like fleas for the most part. No info today thus far on the crab counts

Tomorrow is forecasted to be 5-knots of wind, no rain and light swells in the forecast which should be beautiful. Parson me as I wait and see in the morning.

Sounded like all of the boats out this morning had good trips especially on the rockfish bite and most of the vessels had real good variety as well with Canary rockfish as well as the more normal Black rockfish and other species. The Lingcod bite was sporadic with lower counts on some boats and better counts on others. If you are thinking its the boat, its not. This time of year if your in the right spot you will catch a good number of them. Where is that right spot well, its different every day.

One really cool thin today was a really tough fella caught a 38 inch Halibut. His dad had to help hold the pole but he cracked it all the way up. Only person more excited then the young by was the skipper of the boat. The picture has all three of the young brothers showing off there prized fish.

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