Middle Rogue River Report

Rogue River - Middle - Prospect, OR (Jackson County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ODFW

by Fish Reports Staff

Summer steelhead should be starting to show in the Middle Rogue, however, it is still early in the run.

Boaters floating from Hog Creek to Graves Creek should be familiar with the rapids in this section of river, and know their takeouts. Locals would recommended against floating through Hellgate Canyon if flows are over 5,000 cfs. Experienced oarsmen/woman are recommended here. There are many BLM public access points to bank fish from Hog Creek to Graves Creek. This is often referred to the “Galice area.” 

There is excellent bank access in this section of the river. Much of this is managed by the BLM. 

Ghost shrimp and eggs are great bets, or fishing a wobbler through a hole are good techniques for salmon. Sardine wrapped plugs in migration lanes will also work. Eggs should be wrapped in netting to avoid the tenacious non-local Umpqua pikeminnow

Locally-owned and operated tackle stores in Grants Pass have excellent gear and very fresh bait that is specific to the Rogue and to your particular technique. Go check them out and offer them support during this time.

Gold Hill to Rogue river is a popular float for Chinook, but there are a few rapids in the beginning of this float. Staying left is a good rule of thumb, just watch for bedrock!

It is illegal to snag and keep a snagged fish, whether it’s wild or hatchery!  Report violations to Oregon State Police by calling *OSP.

As of Wednesday, the flow in Grants Pass was approximately 2,120 cfs, temperature hovering around a 63 degrees, turbidity at 3 NTU.  For those interested in checking conditions before getting on the river, the City of Grants Pass Water Division’s website offers information on river conditions at Grants Pass as well as a link to a river camera. Anglers can check all the gauging stations here.

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