Friday Report

by Tradewinds Crew
(541) 765-2345


NO Halibut outings this week as the ocean was just to rough especially on the outside to give folks a good trip.  Its open next the weekend of July 30, 31 August 1st.  


Ocean a little tough out there in deeper water to take salmon trips.  One trip that was heard on the radio today was a very low catch rate as it has been since the beginning of the season.  Hopefully that will improve at some time.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Crabbing as it has been most of the summer was again spectacular today. The bottom fishing had two fronts today.  If you fished in deeper water the Lingcod catch was excellent.  If you stayed in the shallower water the rockfish bite was excellent.  Depending on the boat you were on was a good indicator of what you caught

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