Rockfish and Ling Cod fishing has remained good

Now That's A Big Catch
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dockside Charters

by Dockside Charters Staff

ODFW announced a change in bag limits and species retention. Effective 7-20-20 the Rockfish bag limit has been raised to 7 per person per day from the previous 5. Retention of any of the nearshore complex of Copper, Quillback and China Rockfish is now zero. Rockfish and Ling Cod fishing has remained good although for the last few days the bite has not been smoking hot. Fish are showing on the fish finders in large aggregations but have not bitten well. It has taken continued effort by the fisherman to come home with limit or near limit catches. Crab catches continue to be good.

Our Halibut fishermen had to put in a long day yesterday but did get their fish. The bite was slow in the morning and about half of the fish were put back because of the size. As the days progressed so did the size of the fish. It made for a long hard day on the water but they finished strong.

No Salmon boats out for a couple of days so no new report there.

Recent wind and weather has pushed the Tuna back offshore out of reach.

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