Dockside Charters Fishing Report

First Tiger Stripe Rockfish
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dockside Charters

by Dockside Charters Staff

The Dockside fleet headed out today on an ocean that was much nicer than yesterday (which was rough). The fish bit better too. Not a huge number of Lings but the Rockfish bit well. Crabbing for most boats was very good.

We have boats headed out for Halibut fishing tomorrow as well as some Long Leader and nearshore bottom fishing. Tomorrow is also the opening day of the non-selective Salmon season (open only Friday- Saturday), we will let you know how it all goes.

ODFW has announced that retention of ground fish will be allowed on all-depth Halibut. They may be retained on our boats as incidental catch, we will not be targeting them.

The conditions offshore continue to keep the Tuna pushed far out of range. The north winds just keep blowing. Grrrr.

ODFW has announced that recreational bottom fish opens to all depths September 1. During days open to both all-depth bottom fish and all-depth halibut anglers may retain both on the same trip.

The Coho season is closed. It will open up for non-selective September 4th and will be open each Friday-Saturday through September or until the quota is reached. Non-selective means any fish you get to the boat of legal length is yours to keep. Revised quota of 4,650 for the non-selective fishery.

ODFW announced a change in bag limits and species retention. Effective 7-20-20 the Rockfish bag limit has been raised to 7 per person per day from the previous 5. Retention of any of the nearshore complex of Copper, Quillback and China Rockfish is now zero.

The Dockside Online Reservation Service has been reactivated for your convenience.

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