Upper Klamath & Agency Lakes Report

Klamath River - Upper - OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Boat ramps are open. This includes Rocky Point, Henzel Park, Petric Park, Wocus Bay and Eagle Ridge. Petric Park is very weedy and not recommended for launching. Lake levels are very low thus boats might be difficult to launch.

The Wood River mouth is impassable to most boats. Please plan accordingly. Hagelstein Park boat ramp, restroom and campground is closed. Please remember that nets of any type cannot be used to catch any species of fish. This includes minnows to use for bait.

Fly-fishing can be productive this time of the year. Diet studies of redband trout the past two years showed redband trout are focusing on small insects when they move into the cold water. Small leeches, mayflies and midge fly patterns can work well.

Trolling lures becomes difficult as vegetation grows fast and the lake drops quickly.

ODFW encourages catch-and-release on this fishery due to record low spawning numbers this year and low numbers two years prior. Please fight your fish quickly and then release your fish immediately without removing it from the water. This is especially important around the white pelicans that are looking for your injured and stressed fish after release. Also, consider fishing early mornings instead of the evening when water temperatures increase.

The lake is 4.8 feet below full pool and 31 percent full. Water temperature is peaking around 65 degrees near the bottom. Redband trout are beginning to redistribute through the lake.

Please remember that once you retain your one redband/rainbow trout limit you must stop fishing for redband/rainbow trout. Also, all radio tagged redband trout must be released unharmed. Redband trout will have what looks to be fishing line coming from the abdomen. These fish will be 6-18 inches in length.

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