Good Grade of Rockfish

A Dandy Copper Rockfish
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dockside Charters

by Dockside Charters Staff

We were able to get out again yesterday on a decent ocean. The Rockfish bit well and a good grade of fish was taken. The Ling Cod bite was slower but a few fishermen took some nice ones home. The crabbing was very slow again. Tuesday the marine forecast is looking good. Not much swell or wind. We have space available so give us a call @ 541-765-2545 or make a reservation on line at

The nearshore marine forecast looks quite good for several days, at least through Saturday. A great opportunity to go fishing.


Season Info:


Seasonal info will be posted as it becomes available:

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted rules for the sport groundfish fishery in 2021 (all begin January 1 unless otherwise noted), changes for 2021 in bold:
· Bottomfish depth restriction: 40 fathoms, June 1 – August 31.
· General marine bag limit: 6 fish
o Copper, quillback, and China rockfish: 1 fish sub-bag
o Cabezon: 1 fish sub-bag; opens July 1
· Lingcod: 2 fish bag
· Flatfish: 25 fish bag
· Longleader fishery: 10-fish bag, specified midwater rockfish only; seaward of 40 fm; specified gear; cannot be combined with groundfish or halibut except as noted below
· Longleader fishing allowed after halibut fishing on all-depth halibut trips during the bottomfish depth restriction (June 1 – August 31).
o All fishing with halibut gear on the same trip must be completed before any rockfish are retained.
o Longleader bag limit, gear, and all other rules apply.
o ODFW is developing an informational handout describing this new combined opportunity, which will be posted on our website (paper copies available upon request).
· Descending devices required on all vessels fishing for groundfish or halibut, and must be used when releasing any rockfish when seaward of 30 fathoms

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