Green Peter Reservoir report

Green Peter Reservoir - Sweet, OR (Linn County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

This large reservoir gets stocked annually with 20,000 hatchery trout. It will be stocked this week with about 7,300 hatchery trout. Look for them in cooler, deeper water and around ledges, drop-offs and underwater structure.

Smallmouth bass for the most part go dormant in the winter. Once the spring rolls around, look for them near ledges and drop-offs as well as near underwater structure such as submerged logs.

The water elevation in the reservoir is slowly starting to rise now that we are in the second half of winter. Water elevation will slowly rise throughout the spring. At the moment, both Thistle Creek and Whitcomb boat ramps are available to launch boats.

Kokanee fishing is still slow but will begin to heat up this spring with rising water temperatures. Trout and smallmouth bass are also available year-round. Anglers may keep up to 25 kokanee per day in addition to the 5-trout limit.

Best bet for anglers without a boat is to drive to the top of the reservoir where Quartzville Creek enters the reservoir. Large trout will sometimes forage where the river brings in food swept down from upstream.

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