Recently Received 5,000 Rainbow Trout

Howard Prairie Reservoir - Ashland, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Howard recently received 5,000 legal-size rainbow trout. Additional trout originally destined for Hyatt and Howard have been reallocated to other Rogue District waterbodies. This will be the only stocking of the year as of now, due to extremely low reservoir levels. There have been some reports of ok fishing for holdover trout, but a lot of fish seem to have been impacted with the extremely low water levels the past two years. 

The low water boat ramp near the dam is usable. All other boat ramps are inaccessible.  There may be a low water launching ramp near the Marina, but ODFW has not confirmed is this is usable as of the writing of this report. A staff member will be in the area today and will confirm for next week.

There is a Hwy 66 and Hyatt Lake Rd webcam that may help if you’re planning an adventure. There is a Jackson County webcam at the Dead Indian Memorial Summit.

Howard Prairie resort campground is open and Willow Point, Klum Landing, Apserkaha, and Grizzly will be opening in mid to late May. More information on facilities can be found on Jackson County Parks website.

The reservoir is still hovering at 10 percent full.

OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Reports
for Thursday, April 29th, 2021

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