Saturday fishing report-July 10th

by Tradewinds Crew
(541) 765-2345

Crabbing continues over the past 3-4 days to get a little better each day as (they might) be finally getting into the more shallow waters.  Its just easier for us to get them in the more shallow water and much easier for the folks on the boats to pull-up the pots.

Bottom fishing was good today with lots of rockfish and quite a few Cabezon once again hitting the filet tables. There was a fair assortment of Lingcod in the mix as well.

Salmon continues to be red hot with the Mariner back into the harbor with a limit by 8am just two hours after leaving the harbor.  As you can see from the pictures the folks onboard display there catch and take a look at those beautiful filets.

vIf you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (541) 765-2345.

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