Bottom Fishing Was Excellent

by Noelie Achen ( Vice President )
(541) 765-2345

Good to talk about the best report of the day and today that would be the crabbing.  All of the boats out today for TW had really good reports on crab with an estimated 5-6 per person. That is a good score as they seem to be beginning to get to the shallow water where it is easier for us to get to them. They are in pretty good shape also with not many of them are real soft and many of them really hard.  A good thing to add to your fishing trip if you like crab.

Salmon fishing this morning was pretty much hit and miss with one boat having quite a bit of action but not many take home fish.  They other boat did not have as much action as the other but took home six leagal fish.  Go figure on that one??

Bottom fishing was excellent this morning with very few lingcod being reported but an excellent grade on the rockfish with some of the Black rockfish weighing in along the 5-6 pound range.

We do have a Halibut boat out today and we will try to report the outcome to you later in the evening.

This is the first Tuna report of the year as the news from offshore is not good as far as charter boat getting out to where they are.  The last report we heard was over 100 miles offshore much too far for our fleet to get to them.  Hoping for a August & September fishery so we will keep you informed

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